Angående alkohol, ölmage och kolhydrater. (engelska)

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    Letade info om alkohol och kolhydrater och kom över ett riktigt grundligt svar på någon engelsk/amerikansk sida:

    there are no sugars (carbs) in a distilled beverage (note that a liqueur and a spirit are different animals; sugar is added to liqueurs AFTER distillation of the base spirit)

    there is ethanol, which is HIGHLY caloric, but ethanol is not carbs, the carbs were fermented to ethanol … and the ethanol was concentrated by distillation

    you are more likely to see residual sugar (carbs) in beverages that are just fermented (wine, beer, sake, mead, etal)

    anyone who thinks ethanol doesn't cause weight gain is an absolute fool; ethanol has caloric value just like carbs, proteins and lipids (fats); not only does it cause weight gain itself, but due to the way body metabolizes ethanol, if you also consume other items (fatty foods for instance) at the same time, the ethanol moves to the front of the queue and blocks metabolism of the fatty foods — so the fats, having no place to go, are deposited right in that general area, hence disproportionately distended bellies of non-exercising, non-moderating alcohol drinkers

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