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    AvatarTom O

    Sorry to post in English!

    Also, sorry if this questions has already been asked.

    I plan to go to my doctor for a blood test. Six months on LCHF.

    What should my blood be tested for? I would like a comprehensive test.

    Where can I find information about the correct ranges too? I would like to check the result instead of trusting a non-lchf doctor.

    E.G. LDHD – what range is good, etc?

    Many thanks in advance



    Hello! Sorry about my grammar.

    I dont think you need to worry if you feel good. However, magnesium, selenium and iron are well some important building blocks. You should be getting enough vitamin C, If you eat lots of vegetables such as brussels sprouts and broccoli.
    Possibly cholesterol …

    Most Swedes who go on LCHF makes no test at the doctor as long as they are well. So perhaps it is difficult to get accurate answers from us.
    Mail Annika Dahlqvist who is a doctor and incredibly knowledgeable in LCHF.
    Her blog, which you can translate into English on the right. Or you check with the diet doctor, he is also clever.

    Goood Luck!!!:)


    I think the cholesterol level may be interesting to test,
    Before I started eating this diet I had high LDL levels, but now it´s OK.
    Its nice to see the changes in numbers and not only feel it 🙂


    I tested my blood after first 12 months on LCHF and then again after another 12 months. ”Perfect” values. I will test again in september this year after 36 months of bacon, eggs and butter… 🙂

Visar 4 inlägg - 1 till 4 (av 4 totalt)
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