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    Hello Everyone,

    I am starting lchf today. And I think that the support of a forum like this is very important for the help a community can give each other.
    The problem is that there are no good forums in English that I can find. The ones I found don’t satisfy me. This forum is by far the most active and complete.

    I can understand probably half of what I read on this forum. But my Swedish really isn’t good enough for writing.
    So I was wondering if it would be ok to make an English thread. And maybe it could even help others.

    Just felt like asking for permission first.

    My story in a couple of words. I’m a 37 yr old woman. I’ve had a lifetime of diets with the typical yoyo effect. I’ve had a baby 1 year and 1/2 ago. Stopped smoking then too. And have now 20 kilos to loose. Weight 82 kilos for 1m70.

    Thanks for your help


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    Hi Marina!

    Of course it is fine starting a thread in English! I hope everything is going well with your diet? I started on New year’s day last year and lost 10 kilos during spring, I am 178 cm tall and weighed 79.9 kilos. I have been on holiday to Cape Town over xmas so have gained a kilo or two but will try and get rid of them as soon as possible. I really really love this way of eating!

    Best of luck!


    oh great 🙂 an answer…makes me very happy.
    yes it’s going pretty well. easier on work days because i have so little time. This week-end was harder. I tried to make a sort of seed knäckebröd in the oven but it didn’t hold together. I will go take a look at the recipe section.

    I have a hard time eating eggs and bacon for breakfast.
    I wonder if it is ok to have yogurt (10% fat) with rostade kokos flingor in it. Or i that too much KH. And can i use vispgrädde instead of milk in the coffee. Or will these slow down the loosing weight process.

    Off now for the second lchf week !!!


    Hi and welcome…
    Cant se no problem if you post i n english 🙂 then we all can practise the language 🙂

    Im 39 soon… and 164, 69 kg.. been on that level too long… of course IM happy I dont GAIN weight but i would like to loose about 5 more kilos… My highest weight has been 80 and thats 2 years ago.

    Its better if you have vispgrädde instead of milk 🙂 the more fat % the better… Maybe you can tried boiled eggs and mayo for breakfast?

    Well good luck and ”talk” soon 🙂


    Hello again

    It’s been two weeks now. I can say that I have been very strict. Not a single carb. The need for sugar is gone.
    I do drink coke zero though. I use alot if recipes from the LcHF books from Anna Hallen, burger buns, quick morning mandelbröd i mikron etc.

    I haven’t weighed myself but I can tell by my clothes that nothing is really happening. I mean I feel good, My Nelly and body feels good. But I’m not loosing weight.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… So from now on I will write what I eat every day so maybe some of you can help me on identifying what I can change.

    Even though I’m not loosing weight I have to say that I feel very good, don’t feel like having any carbs and feel very motivated so that’s very good. It’s just that if it could have a result it would be even better…

    Good night!!


    I was so sick yesterday that I had nothing to eat… Probably not good because now my body thinks I’m putting myself on a low calorie diet… But anyway, that’s the way it is

    Today I tried to eat again a little
    – one slice if ham with a little mayo for lunch
    -snack : two squares of dark chocolate 85% and a handfull of almonds
    -diner: 3slices of ham. Cornichons (1.9g carb/100g) and melted cheese on top

    Good night!


    HELP !!!
    It has been more than 6 weeks now… And I weighed myself this morning… 82,7. So I have gained 0,7 in six weeks. And I am eating the same thing as my husband who lost 6 kilos in the same time.
    Of course I have had some slips. But not super horrible ones : 85% chocolate or some nuts ( only para hotter or hazelnut or almond). One lunch with a quiche : I was invited in a professional lunch and there was nothing else, was hard to say no. One day I also had two slices of bread. And it does happen maybe once a week that I steel a piece of toast from my son but really about 1cmx1cm. So it really does feel like almost no slips. And the days where I have dark chocolate and nuts are days where I work hard, skip breakfast sometimes skip lunch: so those are days where I’m low on calories.
    It’s really psychologically hard right now, to feel that I’m making such an effort and nothing is changing. I really need your advice.


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