I was just able to endure a couple of weeks. Phantasy Star Online 2 a sport second, and appears to have been created as a little network. It never materialized in to anything fulfilling to me. You might want to check out monster hunter world, or the new poe league is starting up in pso2 sales a couple of weeks. They are not mmo's in the traditional sense, but they are entirely enjoying in my novel. Monster hunter has sold images, and is amazingly interesting to take down enormous beasts with your weapon of choice. Poe is endless in articles, and if you ever get tired of this playstyle of your character, you can rerole to a second more powerful character. If the league doesn't suit you, then you may wait until the next league.

PSO2 is significantly more of a gear-treadmill sort of sport with brand new items completely outclassing old items and it generally has de facto"Best-in-slot" kind of weapons for every class. Granted, it's far more forgiving than other games because you can generally make due with much less, but it nonetheless leads to homogeneity in equipment and the reduction of collectability and novelty which came with weapons in PSO.The update system is... annoying at best, terrible at worst however. Affixing can die in a fire. I do not even like it as a concept, personally, but it's so unbelievably convoluted and can be exceedingly expensive (particularly for min-maxers) that with the gear pedals being something, yeah... Screw that.

Many people would explain PSO2 as being much more'anime' than PSO was too, and while I personally think it's sort of unfair to generalize anime like that, you likely get what's meant by that statement. It is omnipresent, but gets glaring at some instances (Episode 4 includes 3 bath-house scenes with each the tropes you'd expect, as an example). Hell, in regard to overall story-beats, it delves into reverse isekai and standard isekai tropes since the first idea of two episodes...

Setting aside the core layouts, yet another huge donation to Phantasy Star Online 2's tone feeling as it's that PSO2 basically thrives on cross-over collaborations. So (on the Japanese servers at least), you will literally see someone dressed as Hatsune Miku in a bikini, floating in a swimming pool with Godzilla hovering over their shoulder, or watch Madoka Kaname pole-dance as a giant mass of Moai-heads surrounded with the throw of Konosuba breakdances at the corner.

The narrative is much more direct in PSO2 than what PSO provided though, for better or worse.

I have some issues with the execution (mostly dealing with subpalletes as a controller-user, and the camera being hot garbage), but it's generally enjoyable and most men and women tend to prefer it. The battle is an evolution of PSU's in how Photon Arts are used while it buy PSO2 Meseta preserves the Just-Attacks out of PSO so that it will still feel connected. Weapon specials tend to be pretty irrelevant now though, but a few weapons have potentials that attempt to give a similar flavour. If you liked slow and deliberate that the battle in PSO felt, you're gonna have a bad moment. Otherwise, you'll probably find it far more fun.