Literally all else in OSRS is complex, although the combat for RS3 is more complicated, yes. Not having a tool belt and buy RuneScape gold having to recall what I need to bring with me to get every single skilling activity alone is awkward. The quickest way to get from 1 place to another is labour intensive. As much as learning what QoL features there are in RS3 is overpowering is at least as overwhelming.

I felt this way remade an accounts in Rs3, obtained overwhelmed, and moved to school. However, I have annoyed at how grindy RuneScape was, and that I wanted things I had a taste of. Finally I switched back, but decided to create an Iron I was not tempted to rush elements of RuneScape, and haven't looked back. A few things I discovered along the way: EoC is great, but you will need to learn it. You can do whenever you need though. I did full revolution for a good long while and only switched when I started studying Vindicta, which gave me an appreciation of the system. I do full revo for slayer jobs because I am lazy and it does when you're not bossing.

Wheel of Fortune sucks, but the Iron experience is actually very pleasant and eliminates the issue. There is a good deal more to do in RS3, and some zones look amazing. The age narrative is also good, so I suggest checking it out if you prefer lore. Plus, leveling in overall feels more participating (minus agility. Agility sucks. You all have some rooftop classes to spare?) That not the purpose. They are not saying they don't understand to go quests do, they are saying they are overwhelmed, and I don't blame them.

As an OSRS friend of mine put it:"I understand doing quests is vital, but my point is that RuneScape just kinda frees you into this location with shit everywhere, everything's an occasion. While being bombarded by:'pick up leaves for the leaves on the ground day event! Additionally it's christmas & halloween at exactly the same time and do the yak open some gaming chests and go do these 5 quests today! There's so much shit happening all the time and if you are new, you don't have enough time for it all." The issue isn't"what should I do first?" It's if they could also find RuneScape out.

Well explained. And don't forget, in the midst of all this, everybody has luminous wings and 10ft tall demons and staffs that always burst all over your screen... the images want to overwhelm you. I wouldn't even know where the bankers were at the ge anymore if I had been a new player. RS3 for 18 decades and I have been playing. Above everything else, I hate the ridiculous cosmetics in RuneScape. It does not look like RuneScape anymore and it ruined RuneScape more. That is coming from a man that has been wearing bunny ears this time. Low population worlds and rs 2007 gold I stick together but it's getting lonely.