Watch out op, you did not get the stats for plagues ending, unlock priff, get a 99, or get a Skilling pet in any given greater than 199m XP, your post might be removed!I'm fairly new to using reddit actively and actually dont understand the"low effort" stigma that's OSRS gold apparent on this sub. The phrase has been thrown around on the articles regarding downvote bombing for this sub, and I just dont get it. . . If somebody wants to spend 3 seconds generating meme that popped up in their head and then post it, who cares? Is this really a reason to be eliminated? Who gives a shit if something is arbitrarily deemed"low effort", someone please explain. The sub is a 5-year old child that needs something and will smack it out of your hand when you give it. Then it'll ask for it.

The effort thing I don't understand. I agree totally, like a meme is not supposed to be this masterpiece that you have spent hours and hours on is it? To me a meme is something. I really don't see the big thing. If a person cares about how much"attempt" someone put into creating something which they believe at least 1 person will enjoy up to them want their priorities checked. Can these people ever look at a child's first drawing and be just like"the fuck is this low effort shit? Come back to me if you're on da Vinci's level". What's the point? I'm not saying that the creators are children but my point still stands.

Reddit posts are a lot better than achievement posts they're boring af. I mean it does not have to be taken down ffs. There will not be a fun ever with no memes. Memes are actually the reason why I visit the old school sub, Agreed with op that they should not be ceased even low grade ones are hilarious. I dont believe anybody rly cares which you just hit your first 99 after 20 years of playing these days. . .

The memes are the better content. Reaching that a 99 shouldnt even be allowed to be submitted, who cares. Reaching one 99 isn't that buy RuneScape gold large of an accomplishment, I dont even believe maxing ought to be allowed either, its just a glorified focus post and doesn't add anything into the reddit. Or any achievement for this matter. This subreddit ought to be on the sport, not to yourself. I think certain things are fine, like world-first sort of achievements. The first 4k telos, or the very first maximal xp, etc. . But definitely not"hey I got a barrows dye lol" or"my first 99 following 15 years omg".