In quick match with NBA 2K21 MT energy you can do the same left right crossover spam roughly 2-4 times before its ceases the electricity and Idk concerning the explosive behind the back its slower but Idk if the same jump animation is begging na be available, the dribbling looks a little more harder to string together seeing they changed how you do bulk of these moves buy you cannot make a shot following dribble chaining if there's energy the slightest amount of the defense along with its off thus no longer spammers producing any contestend shots, along with the shooter meter is tougher to green since you cannot see where the green window is you just have to shot a fantastic discharge then hope for the best, Blocking is enhanced greatly I really swatted a shot from the air after being awarded a GOOD BLOCK ANIMATION I expect its no longer broken block cartoons since so much they are realistic, Hop Step Cheese still here SMFH, But defense improved will wait until the game drops so that I can see what Animations were removed,fixed and added, Lastly the shot meter makes free throws harder shit crazy 2K21 current gen is deadass a polished 2K20 gameplay wise.

It is a pretty hefty learning curve with the newest shotstick to just have 5 actual games (& sport conditions/pressure) to get accustomed w/o the ability to adjust difficulty; especially if we do not own a professional controller & ' are enjoying w/ joycons. Thinking about the teams we're awarded & their penchant for defense.

I hated it but after playing for a little and going back to 2k21

I didn't even get 5 matches b/c the 1st match I quit EARLY at the 1st quarter trying to switch to less intense teams not knowing that they weren't there & the match would still rely, was made to quit the 2nd game b/c I got blown out by 60 (after spending a couple hours at 2KU) & my whole team got cold; which makes it impossible to hit even if it had been centered/in the proper region of the meter (b/c dammit Kawhi & PG defense!!!!) The last 3 matches were struggle b/c I was frustrated & under stress. I left the demo HATING the new shotstick (especially freethrows).

But then I went back into 2KU & put in longer time & THINK I am actually getting a hang of it & starting to see the method to the madness, but could no longer examine it in actual Buy MT 2K21 game conditions.